Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Lies, Rumors, and Misinformation

Pardonable Lies - (ISBN: 978-0312426217)

by Jacqueline Winspear

Popular investigator Maisie Dobbs gets the job of trying to find if Mr. Lawton was really killed in the war. Mrs. Lawton’s own investigation has led her to the edge of communing with the spirit world and near insanity, and her dying request is to get the matter settled, once and for all. Maisie’s own research into the WWI pilots draws her to France where she rekindles an old friendship as she searches for the hidden truth. What is the connection Maisie’s friend Priscilla turns out to have to the original query?

Pretty Little Liars - (ISBN: 978-0062233363)

by Sara Shepard

This prequel to the series “Pretty Little Secrets” tells its story from the point of view of Ally, a woman who is murdered in the first part of the original series. What secrets does she tell that do not correspond with her high social status? What hints are there about her upcoming murder? Imagine this book resulting in a different outcome for the series. How would you change its result?

Shift - (ISBN: 978-1606845004)

by Em Bailey

A new girl in town, Miranda, arrives accompanied by vicious rumors about the deaths of her parents, and another member of the community, Olive, is also finding herself ostracized and victimized by unfair rumors after a suicide attempt. Olive’s former best friend becomes close with Miranda, but the friend seems to be having the blood sucked out of her. Olive’s concern leads her to both investigate further into Miranda’s intentions and to doubt her own sanity. Where does this book cross the boundary between reality and the supernatural?

The Echo Maker - (ISBN: 0374146357)

by Richard Powers

After a man suffers a serious brain injury, he believes his home, his dog, and even his sister are false representations of the real items. The complicated plot that arises around the sister who comes to take care of him reveals that everyone working in the community is misrepresenting him or herself; nothing is as it seems. What was your favorite part of this intriguing story?

They Eat Puppies, Don’t They? - (ISBN: 9780446540971)

by Christopher Buckley

A Washington lobbyist, Bird, and a powerful businesswoman, Angel, start a rumor about the Chinese and their plan to murder the Dalai Lama. Their plan is to get attention focused on the Chinese so the lobbyist can railroad passage of his secret weapons system. As one Chinese faction works to dispel the rumor and its effects, the relationship between the two Americans increases to a simmer, and the offshoots of the lie backfire. Compare their situation to a time when you have unwittingly told a small “white lie,” and it has grown into an uncontrollable problem.

Advertising: Distinguishing Between Fact and Opinion - (ISBN: 978-0899086149)

by Neal Bernards

Love, Lies, and Liquor - (ISBN: 9780312349103)

by M.C Beaton

My Holocaust - (ISBN: 9780061173455)

by Tova Reich

The School on Heart’s Content Road - (ISBN: 0802144152)

by Carolyn Chute

Web of Lies - (ISBN: 9780060760779)

by Beverly Naidoo

Activities for this Theme

If you enjoyed the Duck, Rabbit children’s book, share these renowned illusions with your family.

Learn about disinformation by becoming the creator of false news stories, and gain insight into the various tactics and methods used by ‘real’ fake news-mongers to spread their message.