Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Anniversaries, Birthdays, and More

Cherry the Cake Fairy - (ISBN: 978-0545221689)

by Daisy Meadows

When Jack Frost and his cohorts disrupt a carefully planned party for Kirsty; the party fairies discover their “magic” is ineffective. Luckily, Cherry the Cake Fairy comes to rescue Kirsty’s special day from complete disaster. Enjoy Kirsty and her friend Rachel’s relationship with all the wonderful fairies. Try more books in this series if you enjoy this birthday surprise!

Julie’s Journey - (ISBN: 978-1593693527)

by Megan Mcdonald

Julie’s great adventure on a wagon train with her cousins is in honor of the celebration of the American Bicentennial. Julie overcomes her doubts about participating when she is called on to help solve the mystery of some missing papers. Learn about how other people helped celebrate this important event in the book’s “Looking Back” section.

Mallory’s Super Sleepover - (ISBN: 978-1467702096)

by Laurie B. Friedman

Mallory’s perfect plans for a birthday sleepover go all wrong when one of her friend’s plans disrupts the happy time. Who are all these uninvited guests? Where did the water balloons come from? Do you think the uninvited guests made the party better or worse? Check out more Mallory books!

Wedding Day Disaster - (ISBN: 978-1416967781)

by Carolyn Keene

Who could have taken a piece out of the perfect wedding cake Nancy’s cousin was planning to use for her wedding? Nancy has two suspects, a neighbor and another suspicious character. Will Nancy’s detecting skills be enough to save this celebration? Who do you think took the cake? What clues led to your conclusion?

Wedding Flowers - (ISBN: 978-0689834189)

by Cynthia Rylant

Three cousins work together to ensure the perfect wedding for a favorite aunt in this chapter book. With plenty of dialogue and humor, these favorite characters once again triumph over possible problems and failures. Try other books featuring this trio if you enjoy this one.

Forget Me Not - (ISBN: 978-0545094047)

by Coleen Paratore

Winnie the Pooh - (ISBN: 9780525444435)

by A.A. Milne

Activities for this Theme

Make Your Own Birthday Cards.

Learn about wedding customs from around the world.

Ask your family if you can have a sleepover for your next birthday party.

Decorate cupcakes as part of a birthday party celebration.