Books for Mature Teens and Adults

Theme: Anniversaries, Birthdays, and More

Lumby on the Air - (ISBN: 978-0451230041)

by Gail Fraser

Pam and Mark’s 25th joyous anniversary celebration veers off course when Mark’s brother-in-law, broadcasting his illustrious radio show, begins to pop the balloon of their happiness with his disparaging remarks about village life in Lumby. Fans of the Mitford series will enjoy this compelling account of how small town politics can be divisive.

Peril in Paperback - (ISBN: 978-0451237620)

by Kate Carlisle

A poisonous cocktail kicks off events at Aunt Grace’s 50th birthday party at a luxurious Lake Tahoe estate. Brooklyn, a neighbor of the older lady, had planned to explore the extensive rare book collection at the mansion, but she now finds herself investigating a murder and hoping to prevent more deaths! Finally, Brooklyn looks for clues in Aunt Grace’s own book, a fictionalized biography.

Remembering the Bones - (ISBN: 978-0802144003)

by Frances Itani

On the way to a birthday celebration with the Queen (they share the same birthday), Georgina has a dreadful car accident. She sits and waits for rescue, painfully trapped but alive, going through her memories of an eventful life and the many roles she played with different people.

Rose Harbor in Bloom - (ISBN: 978-0345528933)

by Debbie Macomber

Cedar Cove, Washington is the setting for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Each of the guests at the special bed and breakfast has a unique story in this feel-good novel. Try other books in the Rose Harbor series if you enjoyed this one.

The Company Car - (ISBN: 140-006287X)

by C.J. Hribal

Emil recalls his parents’ wondrous life as he travels to the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. As uniquely as their marriage began as participants on the “It’s Your Marriage” TV program, so went the rest of the years. With all the normal ups and downs, both functional and dysfunctional, his parents married life presented something he did not want to imitate. Yet he felt himself turning into them in many ways. Who hasn’t thought the very same thing?

Birthday Party Murder - (ISBN: 978-0758228932)

by Leslie Meier

Fairy Tale Blues - (ISBN: 045-1225945)

by Tina Welling

Silver Wedding - (ISBN: 978-0440207771)

by Maeve Binchy

Activities for this Theme

Make a visual timeline of your life so far. Collect photos from as many years as possible. Scrapbook them, adding a short comment to each picture. Or use an online timeline tool such as Smilebox.

Decorate your own balloons for an upcoming family birthday, wedding, or anniversary celebration.

For your next birthday party, choose a 50’s theme. Have guests dress in poodle skirts and saddle shoes, and offer favorite foods from the 50’s for the refreshments.